JT Precision is a custom CNC machine shop located in Barker, NY. We provide precision part making services to many leading aerospace, medical, oil and gas, small arms, and industrial manufacturers.

Our shop has the machines to get your job done.
* 10x Swiss machines, up to 7 axis with capabilities from .020-1.500.
* 6x Turning machines, with sub-spindles, Y-Axis movement, with live tooling.
* 10x Milling machines, 4th axis technology and high speed spindles for delicate medical and aerospace manufacturing, with small diameter drilling (.005)

We offer in house quality and finishing departments that are fully equipped with a CMM-Tesa-Micro – Lite 3D, Starrett, Comparator, Mitutoyo Digital height gauge, Mantis Starrett Vision System, Air Brasive jet machine, and Stereo microscopes we can inspect down to .000020 of and inch for those hard to find burrs!

Partnerships! We can help you with laser etching, heat treat, surface treatment, welding, center less grind, we work with all types of metals including exotics and many types of plastics.