10x Swiss Machines
Equipped with magazine bar feeders to handle large production
jobs and lights out operations. Our machines have up to 7 Axis
with capabilities from .020 – .812.

Let us quote your 1,000 to 100,000 piece job today

10x Milling Machines
Our mills are equipped with 4th axis technology and
high speed spindles for delicate medical and aerospace
manufacturing. Our technology allows for small diameter
drilling (.005) with a variety of applications.

6x Turning Machines
We have the ability to turn and mill as needed to make
parts complete. With sub-spindles, Y-Axis movement and
live tooling, we can manufacture high quality parts with
less manual loading.

Quality Control
CMM – Tesa – Micro – Lite 3D
Comparator – Starrett
Digital Height Gauge – Mitutoyo

Vision System – Mantis-Starrett
Precision deburring under magnification
Stereo Microscopes
Air Brasive Jet Machine
We can inspect down to .000020 of an inch –
hard to find burrs will not be missed.